With summer just around the corner, getting your beach body ready is not the only thing to think about. Getting your skin healthy is just as important and what better way than Raw Kaya Organics, Rose + Cinnamon – ood for your skin!

Made from all natural and plant-based ingredients that you would typically find in a garden, on a farm, or in your first cup of tea in the morning, Raw Kaya Organics is food for the skin.

The Rose + Cinnamon range offers a soft floral aroma mixed with warm cinnamon spice to invigorate and restore life to tired and dehydrated skin.

Enriched with natural and organic plant-based ingredients, the 3-step skincare range deeply nourishes skin from the outside-in, gently removing pollutants from the skin’s surface, restoring moisture, and boosting collagen and keratin production for a younger and more vibrant looking appearance.

What you need right now…

Rose+cinnamon cream cleanser

$32 RRP / 120ml
A luxurious creamy cleanser for normal to dry, and mature skin.
I’m packed full of natural, organic ingredients that have antibacterial and balancing properties like honeysuckle, white oak bark and calendula flower. I’ve also got a combination of apricot kernel oil, cinnamon and avocado oil to help hydrate and tone your skin.

Use me and it will feel like you’ve just been washed by Barry White’s voice, that’s
how delectably smooth I am.



Rose+cinnamon face SPRITZ

$33 RRP / 120ml
A wonderfully balancing and pore-refining toner for all skin types.
Underneath my bamboo helmet I’m packed with active ingredients including MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), witch hazel, thyme and cinnamon to help restore pH balance, tighten pores, even complexions and protect skin.

I’ll also provide anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating benefits to give skin a fresher and smoother looking appearance. Don’t forget to slow down and smell the roses.

Rose+cinnamon face moisturiser

$34 RRP / 120ml
A luxurious creamy moisturiser for normal to dry, and mature skin.

I’m packed with antioxidants and active ingredients such as MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), avocado and jojoba oil to help replenish and restore skin, giving it renewed radiance and deep absorbing hydration. The MSM component primarily works to help reduce oxidative stress by assisting with the production of antioxidants, helping to keep skin, hair and nails healthy.

Not to be left out, vigna acontififolia (moth bean) seed extract is also invited to the party, and
will help to actively renew your cells all day and night long.


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