With Australians spending a whopping $729 million every month on skin care products alone[1], it should be a rare occurrence to see a blemish or pimple in sight. Sadly this isn’t the case, with clear skin being one of the hardest things to maintain all year round.

According to Sheila Zhou, expert Scientist at USANA, leading producer of high quality supplements, “It can be difficult to understand how your skin works, especially when it continues to change over time. Often the range of products that are on the supermarket shelves make looking after our skin even more confusing, as it can be hard to determine what will work for you from a product label.”

To help you keep your skin looking its best all year round, Ms. Zhou shares her expert tips for maintaining healthy skin in every season:

1.    Use your skin products in order

Many of the skin products we purchase come in a set and are meant to be used in a certain order. More often than not, this order is actually just as important as the products themselves. Products with the most active ingredients in them, such as a cleanser, should be used first so that they come into direct contact with the skin. This should be followed by your other products, in order of how thick they are. Putting a heavy cream on before a serum is a no go, as it will block the serum’s ability to penetrate the pores, making its application pointless. Products such as USANA’s Sensé range are a great way to keep your skin regime in check as it provides a simple to follow and effective three step skin program.

2.    Stop touching your face

If you actually count the number of times you touch your face each day, you’d be stunned at how often you actually do it. While you probably don’t even realise you’re doing it, touching your face can often transfer the dirt and germs from your hands to your pores, causing irritation, acne and inflammation. Do you find yourself propping your head up on your hands? Well that can actually deepen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially if you do it often in the same place.

3.    Limit your bath time

There really is nothing better than plunging into a hot bath after having a long day. However while it will relax your muscles and the steam can even clear your sinuses, it is probably one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Soaking in hot water for a long time strips your skin of its moisture by removing its protective oils, causing flushing and irritation.

4.    Take your vitamins

No matter what age you are, taking vitamins is a great way of keeping your skin looking healthy all year round. Not only will the combination of a balanced diet and vitamins help you feel good from the inside out, but it can also create noticeably glowing skin. Vitamins that include antioxidants, such as Proflavanol™ C100, are also known for improving the appearance of skin by internally protecting the skin cells.

5.    Maintain a balanced lifestyle

As they say, everything in moderation. Yes, you’ve heard it many times before, but a person’s ability to maintain a balanced lifestyle is often reflected through their skin. This means getting a good night’s sleep, staying away from smoking and alcohol, eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Not only will these strategies promote overall bodily health, but the elimination of toxins through a balanced lifestyle will keep your skin looking fresh and healthy year round.

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