Summer Sun(glasses)

It’s time to put away your sweaters and scarves! Spring is in full swing and summer is just right around the corner, and you know what that means – tank tops, skirts and lots of sundresses. But no summer attire is complete without the perfect pair of shades. Here are the latest Spring Summer Eyewear Trends for 2016 that we rounded up for you so that you can find the perfect pair to rock this year.

Summer Eyewear Trends

Flower & Emblem Sunglasses

Ideal for this time of year, sunglasses with flowers and jeweled emblems are the perfect touch to any sunny day attire. Dolce & Gabbana are famous for their creative flower designs and Versace specializes in applying detailed jewels and emblems. Any pair will add some flower power to your look but we can’t get over the Dolce & Gabbana Enchanted Beauties!

Pastel Sunglasses

Pink, green, blue and yellow hues are everywhere this time of year and eyewear is a great way to work these colors into your outfit. The soft pastels complement dark colors such as black, navy blue and brown so you can easily throw them on and head out the door. Prada and Fendi have some trending sunnies such as the Prada New Triangle and Fendi Color Block which combine fun pastels and mixed patterns.

Geometric Sunglasses

Abstract shapes and geometric designs made a big come back in 2015 and now you can even find eyewear to show off this trend. Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses have many geometric shapes that suit this style like semi-rimless circle and cat-eye shapes. They even have an octagon shaped pair of sunnies if you really want to steal the show. Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe have additional geometric styles, with strong angles and abstract frame shapes.

Sunglasses with Flash Lenses

Perfect for that bright summer sun, sunglasses with flash lenses are great for fun outdoor activities like the beach or music festivals. Combining both geometric shapes and flash lenes, Marc by Marc Jacobs has a few pairs of sunnies that match both trends. The Fendi Iridia is always a wildly fun choice if you really want to stand out this season! As always, Ray-Ban has a huge selection of Aviator, Round and Clubmaster sunglasses with a wide range of colored flash lenses, but the Aviators with flash green lenses are by far our favorite.

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