If you’re anything like me you have lip balm everywhere, one in your car, your bag, your pocket, another one on your nightstand not to mention a few lying around the house and anywhere else you can stick them, so you always have one on hand.

That’s cause the problem I always had was that they were great at first but had to be reapplied every half an hour.

But what I found was when I started making the switch over to natural products I stumbled upon Clean & Pure, an Australian company who set out to make a pure product. What does that really mean though, it means that all their products are natural and completely free of chemicals and preservatives. Clean & Pure lip balms are made with Manuka bees wax which softens and protect dry lips not to mention tastes damn good. It glides on easily and keeps my lips moist for hours.  I’ve always been a fan of Manuka bees wax and this coupled with Clean & Pure’s use of unprocessed products I was sold.

With such a great range to choose from including peppermint, vanilla, pawpaw, coconut, manuka honey, and cocoa butter. The only trouble you’ll have now is deciding which one to choose or if you’re like me you bought them all because they are just so good!

Get yours Clean & Pure lip balm here.

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