Ever wondered what’s Down the Rabbit Hole? We recently had to pleasure of finding out and let us tell you teatime is well worth it, or in this case brunch! Full of mouthwatering treats from bronuts, to the crispiest, juiciest, chicken burger! Not to mention a bevy of delicious cocktails for a more adult brunch time engagement and for everyone else fresh juices, milkshakes and of course coffee! All of which will have you walking away feeling satisfied.

If you find yourself wanting to stretch your legs and get away from the regular city brunch scene. Venturing over to Templestowe tucked away in suburbia, Down the Rabbit Hole is the perfect place for breakfast or lunch! Walking in on an empty stomach had us wanting to order everything on the menu, but with the help of their friendly staff, we managed to narrow it down to a few of the house favourites.

Starting off with a DTRH Chocolate Frappe and a Watermelon Mojito, it was clear there was going to be something for everyone to enjoy on this outing! With our whistles wet it was time to line our stomachs. Up first was the Yuzu Benedict with perfectly cooked bacon, poached eggs, and a refreshingly zesty yuzu hollandaise. The simple lemon flavour of the hollandaise was the perfect addition to bring this dish together and complement all aspects of the dish. If you ask me, I don’t think I could have a normal benedict after trying this one!

Not done there, the smell of crumpets and salmon began to waft our way, digging into Something a Lil Posh, crumpets teamed with gin-cured salmon, poached eggs, avocado mousse, and dill cream cheese. Every element of this Posh plate was cooked perfectly, but for us the real hero of the dish was the posh crumpets, fluffy and soft, perfect for sopping up all the egg yolk and avocado mousse so you can really clean the plate.

But for those that are looking for a something a little more lunch-y, they got you covered, we opted for the TFC Burger, be warned it has a hit of chili, more for the flavour than the spice! The TFC (Templestowe Fried Chicken), is packed with white kimchi, chili, mayo, and a side of fries, you can’t go wrong with this. We weren’t kidding when we said Down the Rabbit Hole has the juiciest and crispiest fried chicken burger! Much like their fries, golden and crispy on the outside and succulent on the inside. For us, the addition of the chili and mayo had us thinking about the burger long after we had left, the true test of any burger we say.

Now, if you’re still wondering what a bronut is, don’t worry we were too! Bronuts are a house specialty, a brioche donut recipe topped with a variety of mouth-watering toppings, and the bonus – they’re all made fresh in-house! With flavour such as passionfruit, raspberry, and Nutella we couldn’t help but indulge ourselves in a bronut before we left. You’ll have to come and check out the days specials because these bad boys are made daily and do not last.

So, would we fall down the rabbit hole again? Short answer, yes!

We could have easily ordered the whole menu, but thankfully we were more than satisfied. We were left feeling ready to continue on with our day, without feeling like we had to roll ourselves out of the door! All in it’s hard to choose a favourite from our visit, each one had its own unique flavours and highlights; however, I will say that the yuzu benedict hollandaise was a surprising standout.

Our recommendation, jump in the car and head out and explore Templstowe’s, Down the Rabbit Hole. We know we’ll be back soon, there is so much more of the menu to explore not mention bronuts to try!

Down the Rabbit Hole
8/22 Newmans Rd,
Templestowe VIC 3106

Down the Rabbit Hole

8/22 Newmans Rd, Templestowe VIC 3106

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