Smith Street Collingwood, is home to some of the coolest spots in Melbourne so when a wine tap room is introduced into this bustling hub what else do you do but go and have a drink! Let us introduce you to Glou, pronounced gl-ue and short for Glou Glou. Glou is host to sixteen wine taps sourced from independent wineries from around Australia.

Strolling in after a wonderful lunch, we were instantly greeted with a warm smile and offered a seat at the bar. As it was our first visit, we were given a rundown of who and what Glou was. After pressing for all the all-important info we were told which wineries were on tap and how they made their way to the tap room.

So, what makes Glou different from all the other wine bars around town. It comes down to its humble proprietors, Ron and Rahel (that’s Rachel without the ‘c’). Setting out to create a home for sustainable independent wineries to showcase their wines. And through the use of taps remove the need for packaging and thus reduce the environmental footprint these wineries have. But how do you get your wine home to enjoy on the couch? Easy… Glou offers three options for you to choose from 500ml, 1 Litre and 2 Litres reusable glass bottles. These reusable bottles allow you to take home your favourite wines then all you have to do is bring it back and swap it out for a new one to take home the next batch!

Hosting sixteen winemakers at any one time it’s hard to know where to start, but after a few questions from Ron a few recommendations were made, and he was spot on.

Our favourites…
Noisy Ritual, ROSÉ
Dirty Black Denim, COWABUNGA

But with so many to choose from its easy to come back to try the rest.

With sixteen taps and an ever-evolving roster of wineries, make sure to take home your favourite as they may not be there the next time you drop in but if you’re like us we’ll be there sooner rather than later.  

310 Smith St,
Collingwood VIC 3066

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