There is something special about taking the time to prepare a meal and serve it to friends and family. The only thing better is to learn something new to share with them. Recently FJORDE had the pleasure of attending one of Green Olive at Red Hill’s select cooking classes.
Invited to take part in their signature sausage making class, Green Olive at Red Hill is set on acres of lush green that produces olives, grapes, herbs and veggies and raises a few sheep and chickens to round it all out. It gives new meaning to the concept of farm-to-table cooking.

On this particular day, the sun was out and there was a quite awe over the gardens. As people began to arrive – a small group to keep it one-on-one – we are welcomed in with a smile and offer of fresh coffee.

Once we introduce ourselves we are taken into the kitchen to meet our chef who’ll be instructing us in the fine art of making sausages. Taken through the bases we continue on our culinary journey – picking fresh herbs from the garden to the utilising the lamb raised at Green Olive. There is something nice know exactly where your food has come from!

Throughout the class there is a comradery that forms from working together in a small group. In only a few short hours you feel like you’ve known the people around you for years.

By the end of the session there is nothing more you want that to taste the delicious (hopefully) sausages you’ve labored over all morning. But the day doesn’t end there, after the session you don’t only to get to take part in a fantastic meal you’ve helped prepare yourself, but you get to indulge in a little wine.

Sampling Kelpie Bridge, Green Olive’s own, named after the three Kelpies that roam the property. Offers a full selection of reds and whites that will speak to the tastes of any wine lover. And accompanied with olives, relishes, jams and an assortment of other delicacies all produced at Green Olive. You discover just how much the people at Green Olive take pride in what they do.

Accompanied with a glass of your Kelpie Bridge wine, lunch was served! That first taste is indescribable, all the hard work from the morning paid off and all you want to do is eat them all. Try to resist this urge and eat with a little poise, unfortunately we did not!

All in all, a morning well spent and with a full belly and bag full of sausages to take home to your friends and family, or you can just keep them all to yourself – you’ll have to decide.

To know the finer details of how to make your own sausages, you’ll have to take the class yourself but for now. What we can tell you is that for a truly unique experience that really lets understand the meaning of what goes in your food Green Olive at Red Hill is the place to go. With a variety of other classes on offer from pasta making, butchery to coffee connoisseur, sausage making is just the start and if you’re anything like us you’ll be looking for the next available class.



Check out all the classes at:

Green Olive at Red Hill

1180 Mornington Flinders Road,

Main Ridge, Victoria 3928

03 5989 2992 or 0407 108 550

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