Sometimes you just have a craving for pizza and pasta, on this particular occasion we headed into Pacino’s Italian Family Restaurant in Flemington. Exited to get into a slice or two we were eager to experience everything Pacino’s had to offer.

Heading in on a Sunday afternoon, Pacino’s was bustling with people with most half way through their meals and the others already finished.  We were seated and welcomed warmly but after that we were left on our own. After a time, a waiter made his way over, and as we always do, we asked for what they recommended from the menu to which we were given nothing. He seemed completely disinterested and didn’t really seem like he wanted to be there, or like he had even tried anything from the menu himself.

Asking for a moment to look over the menu again, which was our mistake, we were left alone for some time, we waited as the staff chatted to one another, moved around the restaurant but no one took any real notice of us – the only ones in the restaurant who hadn’t ordered, were eating or had finished their meals, but we continued to wait patiently.

To say we were disappointed with the service would be putting it lightly, but when we were finally approached again, by a young lady this time, the service did improve. She offered some recommendations and insight into the food and finally we were able to order. All in all, a little over half an hour had passed since we had initially sat down.

From the service we began to lose faith in Pacino’s, but when our food finally came – Gnocchi Bolognese, Americano pizza and the house special as we were told the Chicken Parma. The food was its saving grace.

For a local family Italian restaurant, the food was good, they aren’t reinventing the wheel here, but they are making nice tasting food that will leave you satisfied. The Bolognese was traditional and what you would want, the Americano had a good base and nice flavour and the Parma was tender and well cooked.

Not wanting anything else, our same helpful waitress told us of the house made desserts, intrigued we decided to indulge a little more and listening to her recommendation we decided on the crème brulee and chocolate mousse. These again were expectational and a highlight of the meal, each teamed with vanilla bean ice cream we would recommend either if you find yourself wanting a little extra something to finish your meal with.

If you take away the service and look focus solely on the food, Pacino’s isn’t bad for a local pizza and pasta bar, perfect for a catch up with friends or a family outing but if you factor in the service it completely lets this family eatery down. We understand that the team may been having an off day, but unfortunately for us, we didn’t have the best service on our visit which really brought the whole experience down.

Pacino’s Italian Family Restaurant
28/300 Epsom Road,
Flemington VIC 3031

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