In a time where the burger is king, the humble burger has come a long way. We are spoilt for choice and we are unforgiving to say the least, so when a new burger joint opens in Melbourne there is no exceptions to be made especially for quality and taste.

So when Royal Stacks opened its doors in January there was an excitement about what would be on offer in Melbourne’s newest burger joint. The team at HEARD were eager to sample Royal Stack’s extensive menu, turning up to a buzzing atmosphere and a line out the door a good afternoon was surely ahead. With a burger to satisfy everyone’s cravings, we went with what spoke to us the most, the Bacon Bacon. Double is always better. Accompanied with a chocolate shake and gems, thats right they have gems. A side that should be on every burger joints menu but thats just our humble opinion!

After a short wait we were presented with a bounty of food to crave our hunger and it did not disappoint! But Stacks is more than just another burger joint, setting itself apart by creating an atmosphere that is more than ‘fast food’ it offers a calm and chilled out place to have a drink and take in a bite to eat with friends. Complimented with a dessert selection made with fresh custard, you’re sure to finish your meal with a sweet treat that really hits the spot.

With friendly staff and a solid vibe of music and good food Royal Stacks is a welcome addition to Melbourne’s burger scene, offering a little something different to a market rich with edible delights between two buns. So in our opinion Royal Stacks is well on its way to a burger home run!

Royal Stacks
470 Collins Street
(03) 9793 2133

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