Just like your dad’s wardrobe everything comes back into style, so its no wonder that the Instax Mini 9 from Fuji Film has captured the hearts and imaginations of us all. The polaroid has never been as popular as it is today with everyone young and old getting behind the polaroid fun.

So why should we be any different, the Mini 9 is a fun way to capture your day and make the most out of any adventure you find yourself in.

We took the Mini 9 on a day out on the Melbourne Coast, heading down the coast we cruised by the water on our way down to Red Hill (Victoria). Along the way we stopped by the water, tried some wine and of course ate some good food. And with our Mini 9 by our side we captured a few moments along the way. 

With the nostalgic nature of the Mini 9, it provides a little fun to document any occasion. The polaroid throwback is easy to use and fun to-boot but there is a slight learning curve. Unlike a normal point-and-shoot digital camera which automatically adjusts for the light the Mini 9 has an indicator that lets you know which setting to use, which you have to adjust to manually. And I’m not going to lie it took me a couple of shots before I worked that out. But once you learn that lesson its pretty smooth sailing.

The Mini 9 is the perfect gift for any occasion but with Christmas around the corner the only choice you really need to make is, what colour you want to buy…

Check out all the info on the Mini 9 here.

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