You go to work, you hit the gym, cook dinner and then do it all over again!

This is the struggle most of us go through, but I found that moment at the end of the day that I can take a little time for myself to rest, relax and let my body recover. So, when I first discovered Magnesium it was as if I found a ‘miracle drug’.

Recovering from a back injury and having recently started weight training, I would often wake up in pain thinking ‘why am I doing this?’. But once I started using Magnesium it eased my muscle tenderness, restless leg syndrome and my recovery time was much faster. But it doesn’t end there, the benefits Magnesium can also reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, assist with sleep, and relieve joint pain, headaches and cramping.

Over the years, I’ve tried many brands of Magnesium and was ecstatic to find Amazing Oils, Magnesium Range for a number of reasons. My favourite use of Magnesium is soaking in a warm bath with bath salts, but let’s be honest I don’t have time to do this as much as I’d like.  That is why Amazing Oils Magnesium Gel Roll-On and Magnesium Spray are a daily addition to my gym routine. 

The gel roll-on is easy to apply and with the non-messy applicator I can roll it on and run out of the gym straight to work.  The Magnesium spray is my choice when heading home from the gym and unlike other brands I’ve tried it does not leave my skin feeling itchy.

Another great option Amazing oils offers is their magnesium wipes.  These individually wrapped magnesium-soaked towelettes were great on our recent overseas’ travel.  They were so easy to use in planes, trains and automobiles.

With the so many reasons to use Magnesium, the Amazing Oils Magnesium range has given me even more ways to fit it into my busy lifestyle. Which makes it easy and helpful while reaping all the benefits.

So, if you find yourself like me and need to try something new get onto the Amazing Oils Magnesium range because it really can help!

Check out the range here: Amazing Oils

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