The Golden Hands Bridge is one of those attractions that you are just drawn to, located in Ba Na Hills Da Nang it is part of a bigger theme park – Sun World.

We would say most people head here to walk the bridge and get that amazing instagram worthy photo but without a little insight it just won’t be possible.

Here is our tips to make sure you get the shot you want…

This was an amazing place to go and experience but our recommend you early morning. Most tours and hotels will tell you it opens at 8am but it really opens at 7am (well at least it did when we went). We definitely recommend to call and check just in case.

We arranged a private driver for the day through our hotel and arranged to leave at 6am to make sure we go there as the park and bridged opened at 7am.

We bought our tickets and walked towards the cable car to head up to bridge. It is beautiful ride up which takes about 20 minutes – this was a great time to relax and really take in the view.

So was it worth it, by going this early we had the whole bridge to ourselves. Which meant we could take our time, take as many photos as we wanted and really experience the Golden Bridge for everything it had to offer. It was cold morning when we headed to the bridge with mist throughout but for us it just added to the experience.

By 8.30am the bridge was packed and if you were looking for that amazing instagram shot, the opportunity has gone. So get in early if that’s what you’re after or if you just want to beat the crowds.

On a quick note the rest of the park is fun with a great little patisserie tucked away between the many little laneways.

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