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Over the last few years I’ve found that my beauty routine has begun to change, rather than seek the latest products from the biggest names in the beauty game I have found that I’m now trying new products from local and niche beauty companies that offer natural products rather than chemically made up concoctions.

In pursuit of these natural products I’ve found that some are great and some, well,  not so much. Not one to give up on finding that perfect product for my skin, I was recently introduced to Face Mud from Herbs + Heart, now don’t let the name throw you, it contains sandalwood, orange peel and Manuka honey which means lots of amino acids, B vitamins and Vitamin C which is great for my skin.

Sitting down with a glass of red and a handful of mud, I didn’t know what the end result would be, it was easy enough to apply and I could feel it working on my congested areas straight away.  Sitting their sipping my red made the few minutes it takes to work fly by.

So, what were the results?  As predicted I’m still beautiful but let’s get serious for a moment.  After using Face Mud, I found my skin was instantly softer and smoother. Masks can be a bit hit and miss but for my skin type I found it didn’t dry out but kept it moisturised while still being able to deep clean.

Not only did Face Mud make my skin feel and look great but it only takes a few minutes to use and while not quite enough time to finish my red, it fits into any busy lifestyle.  And to top it off it is ethical and environmental friendly.

All in all, Face Mud is a natural skincare product that works and is as good for the soul as it is for the skin.

You can get mud on your face too at Herbs + Heart website here

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