Shawcross Pizza is set amongst the collective tapestry that is Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, a home to music, people, culture, art, bars and most importantly food, you can walk from end to end and find a handful of pizza joints all trying to sell their wares to the passers-by. But what sets this little pizzeria apart is their unique approach to this humble staple of so many.

Knowing their audience, the team at Shawcross offer pizza in three convenient sizes; by the slice for those late-night snack attacks that can hit after a few beverages, the 12” for the everyday pizza fix and finally the 22” New York style pizza (slices are cut from this 22” monster).

While they have a few traditional combinations like the Fat Tony and USA Today, they also offer a gourmet selection of pizza that raise the game from the run of the mill pizza toppings that the traditional pizza shop offers. From the 50 Shades of Chicken to the Notorious P.I.G. each offering a unique take on the time-tested pizza, but don’t fret the vegans and vegiesaurs are also catered for at Shawcross offering a selection of tasty treats that you can munch on as well.

Tackling their signature 22” pizza we were left with the task of having to decided what to eat. Unfortunately for us, we could only sample two of the delectable options they had available despite our pleas to create a pizza with a slice of each on it. Even though its big enough we knew it wasn’t going to happen.

So, in the end we narrowed down our choices to the Chop Shop a combination of homemade meatballs, Italian sausage, mozzarella, oregano and parsley and Jimmy the Greek a generous balance of lamb, olives, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, feta and tzatziki.

While we waited for our pizza pie to cook, which seemed like an eternity but was actually more like ten minutes. We took in our surroundings from the 90’s hip hop playing, to the friendly and lively staff dancing behind the counter, all mixing together to create a warm and friendly spot that everyone can feel welcome in which was evident from constant stream of happy customers.

And then it happened the enormity of what we were about it get into was put down on our table, and while 22” doesn’t sound big when its sitting in front of you in all its glory it is undoubtedly a case of eyes being bigger than your stomach. With each slice, as big as your head, we dove mouth first into the Chop Shop and Jimmy the Greek.

In the end, we could only get through half, a valiant effort if I say so myself, but sitting there contemplating how we were going to finish the other half, it must have been clear the state we were in as we were kindly told that we could take it home with us and with a sigh of relief it was packed away and we headed back into the night and into the bustle of Brunswick St.

Shawcross did not disappoint from its gourmet flavours to its 22” of deliciousness, but the true test of any pizza is not eating it straight out of the oven rather how it tastes the next morning. Let’s just say, breakfast was good!


Shawcross Pizza
324 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne VIC
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