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As I’ve gotten older I find that my body doesn’t always have that same bounce back from the day to day. The aches last a little longer, I bruise a little easier and all round I feel a little slower but that’s just the joys of getting older, right?

In my continued efforts to move towards natural products, I never really thought about a product to help my body heal itself, I always thought of taking care of my skin, staying hydrated and eating right. So, when this mysterious tub of natural Deluxe Shea Butter appeared on my desk, I was more than a little intrigued. Always on the lookout for good natural products, this 100% pure certified organic shea butter seemed like some divine intervention and with a host of uses from treating scars, severely dry skin, inflammation and sore muscles, the question really became, how have I not heard about this before? And still hobbling around from the previous day’s gym session it was worth a try.

Opening the jar I was welcomed by a nutty, slightly smoky smell. Extracted from African Shea tree nuts, it is a thick fatty oil compound that has been used for generations to treat a variety of ailments. Not like your normal body creams, Shae Butter appears solid and firm to touch but softens when worked with your fingers and worked into your skin. And a little goes a long way as not a lot was needed after rubbing it on my sore knees, then my face, then my feet and after being drawn in by the smell and silky texture I pretty much covered my whole body.

Deluxe Shea Butter is a fair-trade company that prides themselves in sustainability and caring for the environment.  Their shea butter is sourced directly from women’s co-operatives in Ghana producing not only a superior product but a company with heart.

With no promises of creating beautifully soft skin or making you radiant from head to toe, Deluxe Shea Butter does ease the pain from sore muscles and smooth out those dry skin areas. It gives your body that little bit of extra TLC that it needs to bounce back but also takes away another reason not to go to the gym.


To try Deluxe Shae Butter for yourself, you can find it here.


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