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I have to make dinner, get to the post office and the bank as well as everything else that life throws at me. They all have one glorious connection they keep me from going to the gym!

And if you’re anything like me you find it easy to skip your gym workouts.  At the end of the day I am the only one responsible for not making it to the gym and let’s face it don’t always want to get sweaty with a group of strangers after a long day at work.  Somedays there really are appointments to me made, errands to get done and not enough hours in the day.

However, none of these excuses are making me the fit and healthy person I’d like to be. So, when I heard there was new gym in town offering more than the standard gym experience and making working out, a personalized and tailored experience, I was more than little intrigued.

Let me paint a picture for you, imagine walking into a loft style gym complete with your own personal trainer and no more than ten people in the studio at a time, allowing you the machine or weights you want when you want it. Think about it, a gym with the space and freedom to workout how you want, at your own pace. Such a place does exist…

Ashley Faithfull Training Studios is a boutique gym that is taking personal training to the next level.  They cater to clients who prefer a sense of privacy while they workout, with 5-star amenities and concierge services.  They have created a relaxed atmosphere where you can choose to workout with a trainer or on your own, with indoor facilities and a rooftop if you like the breeze on your face when you workout. As one happy member put it “I walk in like I own the place!”, and for anyone who has ever hit the gym in their life that’s not often not the case. Teamed with a diverse group of personal trainers you are certainly in good hands.

And those pesky errands that were getting in the way of you getting in the gym, consider them done with Ashley Faithfull’s private concierge service. They will assist you with anything from dropping off your dry cleaning to booking your appointments and making your reservations while you workout.

With the ability to workout in peace with no distractions and no-one waiting in the wings for your machine. You can now block out 60 guilt free minutes of your day to hit the gym and run your errands at the same time. So, what is your excuse now?


Ashley Faithfull Training Studio
226 King Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

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