Those living in and visiting the beautiful town of Bendigo can enjoy Cannoleria’s delicious Cannoli at the Moonlight Market Bendigo from October to May.

Held at Dai Gum San, Park Road in the heart of Bendigo, the Market brings together food producers, speciality food trucks, live music, stalls featuring artists, crafty creators and vintage finds, as well as street performers. It’s the perfect place for everyone to kick back, enjoy delicious food and brilliant live music.

Cannoleria will be serving up its delectable cannoli with authentic flavoured ricotta fillings (there’s always the much loved Sicilian and Chocolate varieties) with no preservative or artificial flavourings, using locally sourced, seasonal and natural ingredients – encased in the signature crunchy shell.

Dates for the Moonlight Market:

7th October
4th November
25th November

9th December
27th January
17th February
9th March

30th March
20th April
11th May



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