Nestled amongst the industrial heart of the Moorabbin business district, you can find many hidden gems. Through its streets and alley ways lives a thriving food hub that is just waiting to be explored and discovered. One of these hidden gems is Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill, an unassuming little burger bar that has cultivated a strong local following that is growing by the day.

With only a sign to let you know it’s there, Fat Bob’s is down a side alley behind a sign makers factory. When you walk through, you get an immediate sense of leaving the hustle of the main street behind and find yourself transported into a modern day dinner, with the walls adorned with neon signs from decades past you find yourself reminiscing about the good old days… if you’re old enough that is.

Sitting down you are washed over with the soft glow of the neon lights in our case we were bathed in red. Having recently updated their menu, Fat Bob’s offers a range of burgers to satisfy any hunger and taste. Team that with a few of their choice sides, shakes or for a something a little stronger a beer, you can’t you can’t go wrong.

Feeling hungry we dove right in, wanting to try a little of everything we didn’t hold back and ordered a little too much… we could have ordered the entire menu. So, what did we have you?

To start…

CHICKEN RIBS with sea salt & lime
These chicken ribs were amazing and so moreish – if we didn’t order so much already, we would have got more of these!

LOADED CHILLI FRIES with chilli beef, melted cheese, salsa, spring onion, house made guacamole and sour cream
Loved the flavour of these and when all the elements mix together it makes them so much better.

Not wanting a beer, we decided to go with the Strawberries & Cream and S’mores Loaded Shakes, not just a regular shake but with a little something on top to give it that extra bit of indulgence. Both had a great taste and were everything you would want from a shake, but those extras make it something special, namely the S’mores that had a huge toasted marshmallow, whipped cream, wafer stick and graham crackers on top!

Onto the main event… It was hard to choose just three burgers, but we went with the;

FAT BOB a 180g grass-fed beef pattie, beetroot, tomato, red onion, tasty cheese, bacon, pineapple, egg, cos lettuce with fat bob’s sauce

JACKIE O a 180g grass-fed beef pattie, tomato, red onion, fontina cheese, cos lettuce, mustard, tomato sauce and fat bob’s sauce

LONE STAR a southern fried chicken fillet, crisp slaw, rocket with creole mustard

Each of these was great, if you want a straight up burger the Jackie O is the way to go, the Fat Bob’s is for those of you that love the Aussie burger with beetroot, pineapple and of course the classic egg. And finally, for those of you wanting something other than beef, the Lone Star is all for you – first off, it was huge, and everything is better with fried chicken and this was a solid addition to the menu.

The burgers from Fat Bob’s are straight up, no fuss, using simple flavours to create tasty burgers that really speak for themselves and at its heart they are good burgers done well.

Finishing with a little something sweet…

Fat Bob’s Apple Pie and the Warm Chocolate Brownie, these were straight forward classics but that’s all they needed to be – because sometimes simple classic flavours don’t need to be improved, just done right and these were done right!

Classic burgers, shakes, fries and a diner feel – this is not just a place you’ll come and try once for the novelty, rather Fat Bob’s Bar & Grill is the type of place that you’ll find yourself coming back again and again for the amazing service and great tasting burgers.

Fat bob’s Bar & Grill
80A Cochranes Road,
Moorabbin VIC 3189
03 9555 0909

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