For anyone stuck at home it can be hard to satisfy those food cravings. You know those times when you feel like you want a slice of pizza from that one place across town or your favourite burger place that is just that little bit too far from home to travel to.

Thankfully we have the internet! While most restaurants, cafes and all host of other eateries have caught up with this new fad there are still a few that are working on it. But luckily our favourite spots are now taking orders online that can be delivered directly to your door!

What more could you want…

For us our craving came in the form of Filipino street food from the guys at Hoy Pinoy, traditionally we hit them up at festivals and events, but they are now taking orders online. What’s even better is they have been able to capture all the smoky goodness that you love, to cook at home.

Feeling a little peckish, we ordered the works with a selection of chicken and pork skewers and all the sides to go with it.

Our at home feast consisted of…

Inihaw Na Baboy Pork Belly Skewers in Banana Ketchup Glaze
Inihaw Na ManokChicken Skewers in Traditional Soy Glaze
Inihaw Na Manok InasalChicken Skewers In Inasal Glaze
LiempoAsian Bacon, Free Range Pork Belly Smoked with Adobo Glaze
AtcharaGreen Papaya Pickle
Suka Spiced Vinegar
Kanin Steamed Jasmin Rice
SinangagGarlic Fried Rice

And it couldn’t be easier to prepare. For the skewers and Liempo just bring up a pot of hot water and heat them through then finish the skewers in the oven and the Liempo on the pan to get that sticky goodness.

All said and done, twenty minutes and we were ready to eat. Happy days!

With so much to eat we were spoilt for choice on where to start, but not wanting to miss a thing (we know, we know… we are at home and we don’t have to share) we decided to fix a plate with everything on it. A couple of skewers, a spoon or two of rice drizzled with a little Suka, a piece of Liempo and some Atchara on the side. This looked like a delicious plate of food.

The stand outs for us were the Inihaw Na Baboy, Liempo – who doesn’t love thick cut sticky Asian style bacon – and the Atchara, which was something new for us and a real winner. And a must if you find yourself wanting to try a little Hoy Pinoy.

All in all, we were not disappointed! These BBQ at home meal packs from Hoy Pinoy are just what you need to liven up the weekend, a skewer in one hand and a beer in the other. It will make you feel like your somewhere else entirely.

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