Let’s paint a picture, the weekend is fast approaching and you want to have a fun night with that special someone, but you can’t get a reservation anywhere!

Sound familiar?

All is not lost, let us introduce you to The BXD Co.! The team at BXD have come up with a unique Saturday night culinary adventure for you and your boo, homies, roomies or anyone else you might be wanting to spend the night with.

You might be asking what’s the difference between BXD and any other meal kit? Meal kits are straight forward, paint by numbers style that don’t really give you the freedom to experiment with your food. BXD gives you a selection of ingredients with the potential to create a variety of tasty meals.

Opening the box, we had a genuine excitement about what we would get, as we took out each ingredient our minds raced with the different possibilities that we could make but one thing was becoming certain an Asian feast was on the horizon.

What was in the box you ask?
Sweet Potato Dip & Pita Crackers

Lemon Grass
Chicken Breast
Fish Sauce
Coconut Milk
Vermicelli Rice Noodles
Red Chilli
Bean Shoots
Baby Cos Lettuce

Rocky Road Cookie Bites

…conversation starters!

We would like to think we can hold our own in the kitchen. Throwing together most of the ingredients with the exception of the cucumber and cos lettuce, we made it work!

Check out the video below to see how we did…

Wanting to immerse ourselves in the full experience we broke open the conversation starters and let us be the first to say they were fun. Having known each other for too many years we learnt a few new things and had a few laughs as well.

The only thing we added was a bottle of red, which paired very nicely as we cooked, chatted and laughed the afternoon away.

And for those of you who want to give it a whirl but might be thinking what do I do if I get something that I’m just like… what? The team still have you covered, scan the QR code and they will give you a recipe to create a sensational meal that you won’t be disappointed with.

BXD is a must try for those looking for something a little different to do on a Saturday night.  It’s perfect for date night, hanging with roomies or practicing for your MasterChef audition.  No matter why you try BXD or who you try it with a little adventure in the kitchen is a great thing!


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