HEARD By Chelsea Hard

On Cumberland Road, Pascoe Vale sits Venita Cafe, a bright, open space with a gorgeous brick wall that has stood the test of time. Walking into this cafe we were instantly greeted with smiles and the delicious smell of coffee. Venita is all about their community, you feel like a regular even its your first-time walking in.

The menu was bursting with mouth-watering meals, from Mumma Dib’s Homemade Falafels to Hot Waffles and The Schnitz Sanger. You better believe we ordered all of that…and more!

If you find you’re not into venturing out with your meals, The Schnitz Sanger is perfect in its simplicity – with chicken schnitzel, cos lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tasty cheese, aioli and is served with the most delicious Szechuan fries. Your hunger will be satisfied, and you will be dreaming of those Szechuan fries the rest of the day.

With a feast in front of us, our mouths were watering in anticipation of what we were about to indulge in. Starting with The Bridge, a combination of roasted portobello mushroom, poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise, served on a halloumi croquette. Whilst all components of this dish were delicious on their own, when put together a true explosion of flavour was experienced.

And if you’re looking for something a little lighter, we highly suggest Mumma Dib’s Falafels. And as the name suggest, this is Mumma dib’s secret falafel recipe on a bed of cos lettuce, spinach, pickled turnip, pickled cornichon, cucumber and cherry tomatoes. A truly vegetarian delight that won’t leave you wondering where the meat is. But the vegetarian good times don’t end there, The Fritters are just as exceptional. These warm, fluffy zucchini & corn fritters are served under perfectly poached eggs, cherry tomato, feta, avo and a superseed mix… a great combination to satisfy your cravings.

Craving a little something sweet because you know… why not? We indulged our sweet tooth with homemade Nutella white choc chip waffles, topped with Hershey’s chocolate dressing, caramelised banana, fairy floss and ice cream. The Hot Waffle Stack is all made in house, with the batter poured to order, giving customers the freshest tasting waffles. The waffles maintained a light and fluffy texture, with the caramelised banana adding the perfect burst of flavour. These waffles are a definite must try!

Venita Cafe has something for everyone, with each dish so light and full of flavour, we left there feeling satisfied and well looked after.

Taking online orders, Venita Cafe is looking after all your coffee and takeaway needs, as well as being available on Uber Eats for deliveries. If you are in the area and looking for the perfect cafe style food, be sure to support local.

159 Cumberland Rd,
Pascoe Vale VIC 3044
03 9304 1358


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