Over the last little while there has been a surge of people exploring their own culinary abilities. Throwing themselves into the kitchen, working with spices and sauces that were previously foreign to them but still having a go. All the while creating some amazing dishes that have definitely become new staples!

But there are also those times when you don’t want to leave your house but still have a craving for those classics from your favourite spots around town. Using your newfound skills in the kitchen MAKE-OUT Meals are bringing those dishes to your door.

MAKE-OUT Meals is offering an elevated meal delivery service tapping into the rich culinary experiences that make Melbourne the foodie hub that it is. Prepared and packaged fresh by the restaurant themselves to be delivered directly to you. With options to order one off meals to regular food delivery drops, the choices are endless with an ever-expanding list of meals to choose from.

For this culinary adventure we decided to try our hand with Bomba’s Lamb Pinchos Morunos & Zucchini Pilaf and Tipico’s Gnocchi Salsiccia & Broccoli.

How’d we do, you ask?

Tipico’s Gnocchi Salsiccia & Broccoli
Firstly, we didn’t have to make the gnocchi, which saved us a lot of time and rolling. And let’s face it who wouldn’t want gnocchi prepared by the Tipico’s chefs personally! The Gnocchi Salsiccia & Broccoli was a straightforward dish that while simple to prepare was delicious to eat and gave us a few ideas to incorporate into our own cooking.

Bomba’s Lamb Pinchos Morunos & Zucchini Pilaf
Marinated and pre-prepared the Bomba’s lamb was everything you want it to be, hitting all those flavour notes that you just can’t seem to get when you throw it together yourself. While the gnocchi was relatively easy to cook, the Lamb Pinchos Morunos & Zucchini Pilaf required a little more finesse. The pilaf itself showed us a new way to cook the classic basmati rice, which we will definitely be doing again. Tossing the lamb with the prepared spice mix, makes for a tasty hero when paired with the zucchini pilaf.

Now all we have to do is figure out what was in that spice mix!

Both meals were fun and easy to cook but if you find you’re not sure what to do next, don’t worry! MAKE-OUT Meals have a series of online videos to help you on your way.

And if you are loving it as much as we did, MAKE-OUT Meals have an ever-evolving menu from some of Melbourne’s best restaurants, so you’ll never be short of choice.

Whether you’re cooking for yourself, your roomies, or that hot date you have coming over, MAKE-OUT Meals will give you the step up you need to really make an impression. All the while learning a few new tricks along the way. From beginning to the end you will be having a ball with a delicious meal waiting for you at the finish line. And for those stepping up their dating game, you might just find yourself MAKING OUT on the couch too!


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