The kebab is often thought of with yearning between the hours of midnight and 4 am. This classic late night comfort food often had after a few drinks and a good night out has evolved over the last few years with the kebab becoming a staple from lunch, dinner, late night and sometimes even breakfast.

This was true for us recently, when we got a little lunch time craving for a kebab, HSP and all the trimmings!

Venturing down to West Melbourne, to visit Kebab Kingz, a family-owned kebab and HSP shop feeding the masses as only a kebab shop can. Greeted with a smile from the friendly shop keep Ali, he was eager to make us feel welcome and make us an extra special kebab to satisfy our hunger.

The menu is simple, because you can’t really over complicate a kebab shop menu. Standing in front of Kebab Kingz the sweet aroma of lamb, chicken and hot chips in the air sparked us to order a little too much but then again when do we ever eat anything in small amounts.

What was on our afternoon kebab session…

The Kebabs
Lamb with Everything, Garlic Sauce & Chips Inside of course
Chicken with Everything, Garlic Sauce & Chips Inside of course

These kebabs were fresh, both chicken and lamb were well spiced and cooked perfectly, the chips added a nice crunch for every bite. All in D A M N good kebabs!

The HSP (Halal Snack Pack)
Mixed (Lamb & Chicken) HSP with Cheese, Garlic Sauce & Chilli Sauce

We love to mix it up and get a little bit of everything in every bite, normally only getting garlic sauce, we followed Ali’s advice and added a little cheese and chilli sauce which gave it a little zing that made this all the better

The Added Extras
Gozleme, a light and filling option of Spinach & Feta for the uninitiated, a must for any visit whether your eating first thing, lunch or at the end of the night

An Extra Small Chips, because you can never have enough chips to go around!f

Because We Weren’t Done
Baclava & Turkish Delight and if you’re not already bursting at the seams from everything else you’ve already eaten having a little something sweet to finish is never a bad idea

Satisfied and wanting for nothing more, Kebab Kingz definitely hit the spot proving that the kebab is definitely an anytime food. And if you find yourself in West Melbourne be sure to drop in and get yourself a little snack pack of your own.

438 Spencer St,
West Melbourne VIC 3003


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