Sometimes a name says it all, and that sentiment has never been truer when we ventured into Richmond to experience No. 1 Crispy Golden Pork. A straightforward, no fuss little Vietnamese eatery that offers up traditional fare of Bánh Mì and Pho as well as a few other tasty little snacks.

No. 1 Crispy Golden Pork is a whole in the wall stop in, with a simple menu of Bánh Mì, Fried Rice, Salad, Pho and a few extras for good measure of Spring Rolls, Tempura Prawns, Dumplings and Dim Sims. Teamed with Sugarcane Juice and Vietnamese Iced Coffee you really can’t go wrong.

But for those who might not know what Bánh Mì and Pho are, let us give you a little insight:

Bánh Mì a traditional French Vietnamese sandwich, originating on the streets of Saigon, made using an airy baguette and filled with sour pickled carrot and daikon, crisp cilantro, spicy chilis, pate, a cool sliver of cucumber and roast pork or BBQ chicken (you can make it with other things too, but we think roast pork and BBQ chicken is where it’s at!).

Pho (pronounced fuuh), a Vietnamese soup, made from beef stock and spices combined with noodles and thinly sliced beef or chicken.

Bánh Mì and Pho are wholesome traditional Vietnamese street food staples that once you’ve had a bite will always want to go back for more!

Delving right in we ordered the Roast Pork, BBQ Chicken and Bacon & Egg Bánh Mì, Bánh Mì are perfect first thing in the morning or as a midnight snack (but don’t wait too long as they sell out fast). Not stopping there, we decide to try the Combination Pho, a few Chicken Spring Rolls, a few Sugarcane Juices and couple of Vietnamese Iced Coffees for good measure.

The Bánh Mì were fresh with a good crunch, and of the Pork, Chicken and Bacon & Egg, we will definitely be going back again for all three. The Bacon & Egg are perfect for a morning bite after a big night or just on the way to work, but that Roast Pork and BBQ Chicken can be had anytime… so we are set no matter what time we want a little something.

Moving quickly to the Pho, a combination of Beef & Chicken. The broth was well spiced and flavourful that set a tone for this bowl of deliciousness that will not disappoint any connoisseur or newbie of Pho.

And as lovers of Spring Rolls, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to try No. 1 Crispy Golden Pork’s take on this classic. These were crunchy, full of flavour and a great addition to our visit.

No trip for a Bánh Mì and Pho is ever complete without a little Sugarcane Juice made with sugar cane & kumquats and a Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Our recommendation is to start with a Vietnamese Coffee and enjoy your Sugarcane Juice as you eat. The freshness of the juice keeps you refreshed as you eat.

All in all, this little shop is worthy of its name, No. 1 Crispy Golden Pork, from the Bánh Mì, to Sugar Cane Juice you can’t really go wrong with anything you venture to try on your visit. But be sure to get in early or you might just miss out as they sell out fast, you really don’t want to miss out on these Bánh Mì as you are sure to become a regular just like us!

476 Bridge Road,
Richmond VIC 3121
Open 7 Days 8am – 3pm

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