If you have ever had the craving for souvlaki, and you know you have, you can be forgiven for just heading to your local chicken shop. And while they do a fine job, it can never really scratch that itch. So, what are you to do… simply head to the mecca that is all things Greek food, Oakleigh’s Eaton Mall!

Amongst the aroma of fresh coffee, desserts and charcoaled meats you would be remised to not know where to stop into. For us we decide to skip our usual haunts and try somewhere new on the strip.

Mega Yeeros was just that place! Located amongst the excitement of Eaton Mall, Mega Yeeros is a modest Greek establishment offering everything from the traditional souvlaki to dips and the always extravagant meat platter.

Greeted with a warm smile, we were welcomed in and once settled began the arduous process of pouring over the menu. Doing as we always do, we asked for a recommendation. Telling them we had a craving for a souvlaki, they proceeded to recommend a Greek feast for us to indulge in and indulge we did!

Starting with Grilled Halloumi and Mixed Dips of Tirokafteri & Hummus Dip with Pita Bread because we had to wet the appetite a little. The halloumi was a nice change from the traditional saganaki and the dips both prepared in house had a great flavour and texture that was simply moreish, and we could not get enough of it.

Moving straight on, we were presented with a feast of Paidakia Lamb Cutlets with Chips, Pita Bread and Salad, Loukaniko Plate Pork Sausage with Chips, Pita Bread, Salad and Tzatziki and of course a Mixed Gyros Plate Lamb & Chicken Gyro served with Tzatziki, Chips, Pita Bread and Salad.

Each of these hit the spot, the Paidakia lamb was cooked perfectly, tender, juicy and perfectly spiced, just what you want from a lamb cutlet, especially when teamed a with a few chips and a little Tzatziki. Having never tried Loukaniko, these pork sausages had a great flavour and bite to them, a definite recommendation for those wanting to try something new. Finishing with the Mixed Gyros Plate, this gave us everything we were craving (without having to order an actual souvlaki) all it needed was a little DIY. Both gyro lamb and chicken were cooked perfectly a little crispy but still juicy and tender – throw that onto some warm pita with a couple of chips, Tzatziki and some salad – if you’re feeling healthy and BAM! You have yourself a mini souv!

For anyone who has ventured to Oakleigh or gone in search of a little Greek feast, Mega Yeeros will both surprise and delight you just as it did us. From abandoning our initial craving for a straight up souvlaki and going on a little Greek culinary adventure Mega Yeeros are doing what they do and doing it well, including making a mean souvlaki!

26 Eaton Mall,
Oakleigh VIC 3166
(03) 9569 5530


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