Walking into Munich Brauhaus there were only two things going through our heads, one, litre steins of delicious beers and two, checking out the latest loaded schnitzels on offer. Greeted by a friendly face we were asked if we wanted to sit inside or out. Opting to sit outside, we followed our hostess happily to a table amongst the laughter and endless cheers-ing outside.

Sitting outside by the water the atmosphere was alive with excitement from the people, staff and of course the band – sitting amongst this you want to just raise your stein and be involved. Earlier that before getting to Munich Brauhaus we had been talking with a few colleagues about the new Loaded schnitzels when someone told us about The Schnitzelmeister but at the time we didn’t really think too much about it.

But when looking through the new Loaded Schnitzels each sounding more tempting than the last, but like fate the Schnitzelmeister made itself know and it called to us. Throwing caution to the wind, we said f#%k it, let’s do it and we’ll do the Texan as well came from across the table.

Laughing and sipping on our steins in the sun, all of sudden we heard this sound that cut through the fun in the air, it’s was a cow bell, ringing loud and strong through the music, laughter and excitement happening all around us in the Brauhaus and it headed to towards our table. The Schnitzelmeister was coming, unaware of what we had got ourselves into tables around us looked on as it moved through the restaurant!

Placed on the table in front of us was a board with mountains of sides and in the middle a stack of six juicy and delicious schnitzels covered in cheese, ham and sauce. While mountainous it also looked as inviting as hell just waiting to be eaten. With the two of us sitting there we knew we had made a terrible mistake for no other reason than there was sooooo much food.

But when all said and done it was delicious, The Texan had an amazing combination of flavours and sauces that worked so well together. And while it was a tremendous amount of food in front of us the Schnitzelmeister defeated us in the end as we couldn’t finish it, we tried our best but we could eat no more.

Our advice, don’t do it alone, take some friends – take a group! The Schnitzelmeister is not for the faint at heart. Team that with Munich Brauhaus’ fun atmosphere and energy you are sure to have a good time no matter which choose. Our suggestion, load up with the Loaded Schnitzels but if you want to push your stomach its limits with schnitzel-ly deliciousness try the Schnitzelmeister. Good luck whichever way you go!


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