Traveling through New Zealand can be a fun and exciting at the best of times but if you find you want to get out of the city and experience the true beauty of New Zealand’s country side, sometimes cutting yourself off is just want you need.

And there is no better way to do than staying in a Pure Pod, located across New Zealand’s vast countryside, we choose Korimako about 90 minutes North-East of Christchurch in the Greta Valley.

Driving off the highway and cutting through the rolling hills, you eventually find yourself at the bottom of a tree covered mountain. With adventure a foot and bags on our back, we set off on the trail to a spend the night amongst the trees.

Our advice, if you’re just going for a night or two you don’t need much – with the Pod fully equipped with everything you will need all you need to bring is some food and a change of clothes.

Walking up the trail, you find yourself immersed the lush bush land around you and ten to fifteen minutes later you find yourself face-to-face with your Pure Pod. A uniquely built cabin that has glass walls, floor and roof. A concept that is a little unnerving when you think about it especially since the bathroom and shower are fully glass as well. But considering you’re in the middle of nowhere an there is definitely no one around you get past that pretty quickly.

Settling in, there isn’t much to do but sit back, relax and take in the sweeping views of the Greta Valley coastline over the bay… what more can you ask for. With a glass of wine in hand and good company it was the perfect way to disconnect from the world.

As the sun set the only to do was to move from the deck to the bed, open up the doors and watch the stars come out with the soft night air coming off the bay. Sitting in that bed, there was something magical about a clear sky full of stars, it was a mesmerising experience to have and share.

Waking up to look over the bay with a coffee, makes you want to never leave and nor you should. But like all good things it did come to an end, packing up our bags we took one last look and made our way back down the mountain to head to our next adventure.

To say the experience was good would be an understatement, they have taken the time to design and create a truly unique experience that really captures the heart of New Zealand. And with no reception, no television and nothing but the sounds of the bay and bush around you it’s an amazing place to watch the stars and hold that special someone close. The only real choice is which Pure Pod to go to first.

Korimako Pure Pod, New Zealand
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