HEARD By Chelsea Hard

The fabled souv, everyone loves them, and everyone has an opinion on where the best one is. So, it is no surprise we had to try a new little spot in Williamstown, Souv ‘N’ Brew! Located on the busy end of Nelson Place. With a bevy of authentic tasty treats that will leave your mouthwatering from classic souvlakis, HSPs, traditional dips to the homemade Spanakopita.

Making our way in just before the lunch rush we were hit with that great charred roasting lamb and chicken smell – you know the one we’re talking about, which just set the tone for what was to come. But none the less we opted for a table outside to enjoy a cheeky bit of Melbourne sun while we poured over the menu. Wanting to enjoy the best on offer, we made it known we were ready to indulge ourselves in a Greek feast and they did not disappoint!

Starting with Mixed Dips & Pita Bread, Homemade Spanakopita and Saganaki this trio of traditional favourites was the perfect way to ease into the menu. From the crispy and flaky, its exactly what you want from a homemade Spanakopita. With the saganaki and mixed dips a perfect complement to the Spanakopita, this trio had us continuously going back for more. Perfectly moreish!

Up next, a relative feast, featuring HSP – a heavenly combination of Lamb, Chips, Cheese, BBQ sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce and Garlic Sauce, Mixed Gyros Plate – Lamb & Chicken Gyro served with Tzatziki, Chips, Pita Bread and Salad, and of course a Souvlaki… a combination of Lamb & Chicken again – because why not – lettuce, tomato, chips and Tzatziki. To say our cravings were met and our bellies full, would be an understatement.

To put it simply, everything just hit the spot, and were packed full of flavour! The lamb was cooked perfectly – tender and juicy with the right amount of seasoning, with a great little bit of char. Delving into the Mixed Gyros Plate allowed us to try a bit of everything, and we were pleasantly surprised by the chicken, it was cooked to perfection and had enough flavour to stand out amongst the lamb and shine on its own.

If you’re venturing down to Williamstown or just a local to the area, Souv ‘N’ Brew is the perfect spot to indulge your Greek taste buds. Don’t be afraid to dig in with both hands, you’ll need them for the size of these souvlakis, or treat yourself to a feast with the Mixed Lamb & Chicken Gyro with all the extras. No matter what you choose, two things are for certain, one you’ll love the flavour and two, you won’t be leaving hungry.

149 Nelson Pl,
Williamstown VIC 3016

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