Whether you’re a doughnut or donut, there is one thing we can always agree on… you can’t just stop at one, it’s always a two, doughnut minimum. Are we right? It’s okay we know we are! So, when we rolled up to Doughboy Doughnuts in Fitzroy, we knew there was a sixer in our future.

Let’s talk dough, the team at Doughboys Doughnuts are made from scratch each day. The dough is soft, fresh, and airy (just check out the pics). You can taste the difference this makes when sinking your teeth into any of their scrumptious doughnuts.

With three spots around town Brunswick, Melbourne CBD and Fitzroy, where we headed to. Set just back from Brunswick Street on Moor Street this whole in the wall doughnut shop is everything you need it to be.

Roll up, doughnuts are displayed in the window, so you know what you’re getting… that’s it. Order your doughnuts, grab a coffee find yourself a spot in the local park or take them home to enjoy, on your own or with friends. Your call!

What did we get? One of everything they had and an extra for the walk back to the car (you know why).

The Round Up (Pun Intended)

Milk chocolate
What more do we need to say about a chocolate glazed doughnut, nothing because its good!

A classic, as it should be. Always a worthy addition to any box of doughnuts.

Butter Salt OF
We hadn’t had this one before but we the salty bite left us wanting more.

Passionfruit Pillow
Our personal favourite, this filled square doughnut had a creamy passionfruit curd

Vanilla Bean glazed
Their take on the classic glazed doughnut with a vanilla infusion glaze. If you love a classic glazed, get it on your next visit.

Pecan Maple
This one was crunch and sweet, everything you want in a bite.

No matter where you are in Melbourne they got a doughnut shop nearby, Fitzroy, Melbourne City and Brunswick. The only question left is; are you ready to roll the doughnut dice at your local Doughboys Doughnuts to see what they got cooking that day?

Brunswick (533 Sydney Road) Fri-Sun
Fitzroy (Rear, 195A Brunswick Street) Weekends
CBD (535 Bourke St) Mon-Fri

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