Nestled amongst the amongst hustle of Station Street in Fairfield the Station Grind Café is a welcome addition to the strip, breathing new life into a space that had a lot of history behind it. With a fresh look and that makes the space bright and vibrant, Station Grind Café is sure to become a regular favourite amongst the neighbourhood and those looking for their next brunch spot.

Welcomed as soon as we walk in you feel like you’ve been coming there for years. With a friendly smile and the smell of coffee and pastries in the air you know you’re in for a treat. It’s the kind of place that you can go with friends, that special someone or the family – there is a kids area up the back so you can enjoy your coffee in piece while the kids are entertained and if you don’t have kids you won’t even notice them tucked away in their own blissful play area.

Looking over the menu we found ourselves, spoilt for choice, it can cater to anyone’s brunch cravings. We decided to try just a few things to curb our hunger and you know a little something from the lunch menu just for good measure.

Diving right in, we were presented with a bounty of food that was colourful and smelled divine. Starting with the Pulled Lamb Eggs Benny on English muffins this was a great take on a classic, all the goodness of eggs benedict with the addition of LAMB what could go wrong.

While I tucked in, my counterpart @industrydarling delved into her own delicious brunch of a toasted croissant with Grinded Peas, bruschetta, halloumi cheese, house made paprika hollandaise and topped with poached eggs. There was silence around the table because we were to busy eating – a good sign of any brunch spot.

Not done there we continued to share Corn Fritters of zucchini, sweet potato and sweet corn served with smoked salmon and sour cream, these were rustic and really hit the spot. As well as the Southern Fry House, a house made buttermilk chicken burger with Asian slaw, mayo, lettuce on a brioche bun with a side of chips of course. This would be perfect if you find yourself wanting to soak up the possibly questionable choices from the night before. And you know it, it was silence as we devoured it like it was nothing.

As I said we were hungry, but it all tasted so damn good, can you really blame us for eating so much. If you ask us to choose a favourite, we honestly couldn’t say each had their own unique take which made them delicious and wanting us to go back again and again.

Station Grind Café is surely set to become a local and brunch favourite, it’s the perfect spot to spend a weekend morning for a coffee and bite to eat. So, if you’re looking for a new brunch spot to try and you find yourself in the Fairfield area, we definitely recommend you stopping in.

106 Station Street,
Fairfield VIC 3078

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