You can say let’s get fish and chips, and it resonates with those around you, it’s a trusted ritual to head down to the local chip shop and get yourself these Australian classics. But tastes are changing and we’re looking for something a little different these days, and two such things come to mind, bao and waffles. You would be forgiven for not running out for bao (or even knowing what bao is) and waffles but that will surely change.

Bao is popping up all over the Melbourne food scene, while waffles have been in the background for a while but only recently started to make a bigger impact – we think this is in part because of the social revolution!

So why are we telling you about this… because there’s are place out there that has brought these two tasty treats together! Welcome, Bao x Waffle, the concept is simple built on the traditional notion of bao with a twist – not just incorporating the traditional flavours they have taken the concept a little further by incorporating classic Australian snack food into these.

So, let’s break it down, we were lucky enough to head to Bao x Waffle’s new flagship store – prior to now they have worked the festival scene only. The menu is simple and straight forward, we’ll break down what we munched on later. You make your first choice bao or waffle, then you choose what you want inside, that’s it! This can be the hard part but if you’re like us you get one of nearly everything, so tough choices – no more!

Here’s what we had and what we thought.

Rocky Bao-Bao (Bao)

This is the traditional bao right here, braised pork belly in spices flown direct from the mother land, with a little pickle, coriander and a sprinkle of peanuts we loved every bite of this one!

Our Favourite

Bolo (Waffle)

We had to go waffle for this fried chicken delight, it comes with Bruce’s hot sauce which is house made but be warned it has a kick so if you like it mild maybe ask for something else. It also had cos lettuce which we could take it or leave it – personal choice but still really good. Can’t go wrong with a combination of fried chicken and waffles.

Hans Grubao (Bao)

Their take on the humble burger classic, with all the fixin’s of a traditional burger we opted for a bao bun which was so worth it, it meant it wasn’t too heavy and you can still have room for more. Just a note, this is bao sized so don’t expect a full-size burger.

Po Po (Bao)

Beer battered rockling, house made tartar, sauce this one is simple and delicious – teamed with the soft bao this is a great combination of soft and crispy that has a great taste from first to last bite.

And to finish…

PB & J (Deep Fried Bao)

This was a last-minute addition to our visit but was definitely worth it. Think the traditional Peanut Butter & Jelly but deep fried with an extra helping of jam on top, you might not think the extra jam is needed but it goes so well together you’ll never have it without.

Must Try!

This place is definitely worth a try and choosing between bao or waffles is never going to be an easy choice. Our suggestion, get a mix so can try a bit of everything, you won’t be disappointed whichever way you go. And remember waffles are a breakfast food which means you can have it any time of day – see what we did there!

Try them out and let us know what your favourite is.

Bao x Waffle
298 High St,
Northcote VIC 3070

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