With so many burgers out there it’s hard to know where to go anymore, thankfully you have us and we are testing out the burger scene, so you know what you’re walking into. We recently had the opportunity to head down to The Famished Wolf’s newest location in Patterson Lakes.

Sitting just back from the water The Famished Wolf is an elevated version of the humble fish and chip hamburger. Everyone loves their local hamburger chip shop, but what The Famished Wolf does it takes it further – using a variety of flavours through their burgers to give them that something extra, from the ingredients to the slightly crunchy but still soft buns that make these burgers special.

To get an idea of any burger shack we like to try their straight up burger, this is the one that is usually first on the menu and in our opinion is often the best and is a true reflection of how they make their burgers.

Opting for the Cheesy, which was a straight forward beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and their burger sauce and the for something a little bigger, we also got the U.S.A, beef patty, double cheese, double bacon, mustard, lettuce and barbecue sauce.

But you can’t just have a burger on its own, while getting down on our burgers we munched on Beer Battered Onion Rings, Homemade Crumbed Chicken Wingdings and of course Loaded Fries covered in cheesy sauce, crispy bacon, diced pickle, spring onion and a squiggle of American mustard.

What did we think?

We loved it, not just because we ate some good burgers, but because they were full of flavour, fresh and they were BIG. These weren’t some little itty-bitty things; they had some size on them which fill you up and let you leave happy.

I don’t think you necessarily needs sides for this one as the burgers are large but if you’re like us you get them anyway. First up the onion rings, these were good, golden, crunchy and not overly saturated in oil which for us is important. Wings were good, simple, good crunch and full of flavour we just wanted more of these. And finally, the loaded fries – these were a meal on their own, we couldn’t even finish them there was that much which is saying something. But next time we would get them without the American mustard as we found it over powered the rest of the fries a little.

All in, these burgers are tasty, big and really satisfy a hunger. If you like to get some variety in your burger rolodex these are definitely a worthy entry to throw in the mix.

The Famished Wolf
Patterson Lakes
Harbour Plaza, Shop 9/21 Thompson Rd,
Patterson Lakes VIC 3197

13 Macbeth St,
Braeside VIC 3195


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