What to take when you travel is one of those questions that can cause much debate. But the better question is, what do you take these travel essentials in?

Choosing the right bag can make all the difference to how your travels will go. But we’re not talking about your suitcase, we’re talking about your backpack – the bag you grab and go on those adventures for the day or the long haul and everything in-between.

We had the opportunity to road test the Everyday Backup from Peak Design and we put it through its paces in New Zealand and Vietnam.

Using it for a few weeks on various trips with day to day use, we found the Everyday Backpack to be well designed and well made. Being able to compartmentalise the backpack, makes it easy find and organise your bag for when you’re on the go. This is especially true for the photographers and drone flyers out there. As a photographer and drone flyer, I found the bag excellent to know where all my elements of my kits are so I can grab them quickly, to never miss a shot or capture that perfect landscape.

On the flip side, the bag can get a bit tight, compared to purpose built photography bags, the Everyday Backpack can limit what gear you can take with you. Other than, the magnetic latch can cause some concern for safety when travelling as you can’t zip it up but other than that a solid bag.

To put it simply, the Everyday Backpack is a rugged bag that can take a hit and keep going. Offered in a range of colours, the bag offers a bunch of internal pockets to keep your bits and pieces tidy and organised, not to mention you can configure the bag to best suit your needs its perfect for every occasion. All-in-all. a comfortable and versatile bag to travel with, and once you get your packing style down, this is sure to become your Everyday Backpack.


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