Tucked away in Daly Street in South Yarra you will find Dilly Daly, a vibrant café with an even more energised team on the floor and in the kitchen. With the warm weather on the return and always a craving for a good brunch we couldn’t be happier sitting down in Dilly Daly.

With a pastel motif and a warm friendly vibe, you find yourself feeling like this is a place you’ve been coming to for years, even if it’s your first time – like it was for us. Settling in, we started with a Koko Deluxe Hot Chocolate and a chocolate shake of course, easing our way into the hard stuff! Pouring over the menu we tried to narrow down what to eat with so many delicious options, but we did to just three, unfortunately.

We decided to stack the deck, with the DD Hotcakes and the Stacks on, Rosti! Throwing in a Buttermilk Chicken Burger just for good measure to make sure our hunger was satisfied.  

Diving right in, the Chocolate chip hotcake stack, topped with berry puree, vanilla bean mascarpone, Nutella injection, chopped almonds and seasonal fruit was everything you would want – hot, chocolatey, a little tart from the fruit, all together balanced well and so moreish.

Following up the hotcakes with Stacks on, Rosti, Dilly Daly’s take on the humble potato rosti, a healthy dose of smashed avocado and bacon, sandwiched between two potato rostis, all topped with a poached egg and pico de gallo. A perfect blending of worlds and flavours.

Our advice – crack the egg and let it seep into the rostis, avocado and bacon below, you won’t be disappointed.

Rounding out our brunch adventure at Dilly Daly we opted for the Buttermilk Chicken Burger, because why not! Fried Buttermilk chicken on a brioche bun with slaw, American cheddar, house mayo, a squeeze of honey and sriracha, served with a side of French fries – this one is prefect for anyone nursing the effects of the night before.

With a fun feel, good people and great food, Dilly Daly should be on everyone’s must try Melbourne brunch spots! It might be tucked away but a find that is well worth it! We’re already planning our next visit… we’ll see you there.

Dilly Daly
6C Daly Street,
South Yarra VIC 3141
03 7015 9272

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