Having a burger and beer is an iconic duo! But not all burgers and beers are equal, but lucky for us we came across a humble little brewery offering up just that! Ocean Reach Brewing & Taphouse situated in heart of Cowes main strip on Phillip Island.

The Taphouse is an extension of the brewery offering a selection of Ocean Reach’s tasty craft beers and juicy burgers that can both satisfy any craving.

Ocean Reach Brewing is a family run brewery, with a simple mantra ‘made on the island, for the island’. Which is incorporated into how they brew, using locally sourced ingredients to create quality products in the most sustainable way. Offering a range of core and sessional beers that cater for the new and seasoned beer drinker.

For our first-time trying Ocean Reach beers, we got paddled! Wanting to try a range of their beers the paddle offered us the opportunity to try a variety of their tap beers before we maybe committed to just one. One of the stand outs for us was their Peaches & Cream Sour, the subtle notes of sour brought out the flavour of this beer and made for a refreshing and enjoyable drink. Whereas if you’re up for something a little more tropical the Hazy Pineapple IPA is where you want to be, while the Porter has coffee and cacoa undertones that will make you want to skip dessert and just have another. But finding the beer for you, is a trip worth taking… because you know, that’s half the fun now isn’t it?

Pairing up our paddles, we sank our teeth into a slew of tasty burgers and sides! With an array of options from a spicy chicken burger to a more traditional cheeseburger or their new veggie burger you will certainly find a tasty match for your beer. And don’t forget to add in some sides! On offer are crunchy onion rings, hot buffalo wings and the humble but tasty basket of chips. No matter what you choose you can settle in for a tasty feast. 

With the warmer weather just around the corner and the excitement of being able to venture out into the world Ocean Reach Brewing & Taphouse should definitely make the list. Whether it be for a beer or burger, you will be spoilt for choice, just make sure you don’t spend the entire day here with the beach just a short stroll away or do, either way it will be fun day!

So, if you find yourself lucky enough to live on the island or are planning to take a trip for the day Ocean Reach Brewing & Taphouse will be a welcome stop in.

Ocean Reach Brewing
47 Thompson Ave,
Cowes VIC 3922


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